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Focal Point Global in Black Enterprise

Founders of Focal Point Global talk on empowering youth in underserved areas around the world

Think Global, Act Local.

Focal Point Global has a mission to educate and empower the world’s youth to create social change by using low cost technology and local partners to turn global discussion into community based action.

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Developing a Generation of Young Employed Leaders

Though youth may be better educated than their parents, youth remain almost twice as likely to be unemployed than their elders.

150 Global Youth Leaders

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What We Do

Our projects are focused on empowering youth through education.



Low cost technology allows underserved youth to discuss critical issues



Our projects focus on social issues that impact the global community



Local partners help turn global discussion into effective action

Who We Are

Focal Point Global is a 501c3 international education nonprofit that was founded by the Blake sisters in 2010. Since its inception it has connected over 140 youths in four different countries and participating youth implemented projects reaching nearly 500 people in their communities.

How you can get involved

You can be a part of Focal Point Global’s goal to empower and educate youth around the world.


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