US-Southern Africa HIV/AIDS Education Initiative – Truth or Lie Icebreaker – Day 1

HIV/AIDS is one of the leading diseases currently devastating the world’s youth. The US-Southern Africa HIV Education Initiative aims to arm our youth with useful information to tackle this epidemic in their respective communities. Through this project we can empower youth to become more sensitive to one another, understand how culture and community impact the myriad of causes leading to HIV/AIDS. This Initiative brings high school students from Baltimore, MD, USA and Swakopmund, Namibia together to discuss HIV/AIDS in their communities. This online event provides a fresh, new approach to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and prevention methods, and mobilize youth to create and implement activities to combat the epidemic.


  • Mondesa Youth Opportunities
  • Namtech ICT Solutions
  • Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust
  • Sisters Together and Reaching

10 Youth participated in US-Southern Africa HIV Education Initiative in 2010

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